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Le Rinse Hevix Artists

One of the original Hevix Artists formerly known as DJ N2O. Born in Melbourne,

Australia & brought up in Bristol. Influenced by various sub genres

of drum and bass (particularly liquid and jump up) as well as jungle,

hip hop and rock. Has been serious about making drum & bass music

for the last 4 years, music is his passion and has been a great help to

him having M.E/CFS.

Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.


Jay Hevix Artist

Self proclaimed ‘minion to music’ , Jay Unearthed

has undertaken many guises over the past decades.

Part of the Free Party Showcase from 2003, Jay Unearthed

still finds time amongst his hectic production and performing

schedule to co-run the now legendary UNEARTHED music nights.

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Changing Ways Artists

Bristol born and raised, Changing Ways is gradually

moving his way from the back of the crowd and showing

his face. Despite still being a teenager he’s already

played out at events run by ‘Unitedsounds’, ‘Skankers’ and ‘BPM’

and this list is growing.

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D.anny Hevix Artists

Like many good music producers D.anny’s background

has been full of acoustic expression and miraculous journeys.

After creating a collection, a plethora of beats and tracks,

he has set his first release through Hevix Recordings on the

12th of March 2015. His nuances range from minimal liquid

sounds to bordering on the lines of neuro and most frequencies in between!

Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.


Spiller Hevix Artists

DJ Spiller is one of the newer members of Hevix With his first release

Matrix hitting Hard on the Dance floor. The bookings have been flowing nicely this year.

His next release due November 2015 with his partner in crime DJ Brennan (dub collective)

it definitely looks set to be and interesting 2016 for him.

Soundcloud. Facebook.


Pigeon Hevix Artists

The flight of the PIGEON has been one of graft,

appreciation and modest behaviour. Respected amongst

his equals and peers alike PIGEON has brought the old-skool

approach to refresh the perspective of current drum and bass.

Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

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